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What Was Old Is Now New!

One of our favorite things to do at Three Twelve Market is to go picking or junkin’ as some people call it. We love looking for lost treasures that are old and beautiful. You see many people see old items or even other people’s throw aways and think it is only junk. But, we see a beautiful opportunity to create something new or just give it a little attention and make it magnificent.IMG_8544

We had the opportunity recently to acquire some beautiful old barrel lids. The crazy thing was that they were only looked at as something old and to be thrown away if no one took them. …and let me tell you I love something that is free. So this made this find even more beautiful. We were able to sand the barrel lids down and then add pedestals to turn them into beautiful cake pedestals with the perfect amount of distressing. One pedestal we used is a part of an old bed post we were able to salvage. My husband is amazing at woodworking and I tend to have the eye for design you could say we are the perfect pair…27 years and counting together. Needless to say, our teamwork made these beautiful pieces become one of a kind rare finds!


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Just like finding items that no longer seem to have a need or purpose…sometimes things in our own lives can seem that way, or we can even feel that way about ourselves. Sometimes it only takes a little attention and a new perspective to change the outlook or outcome. Just like our rare finds…you too are amazing and you do have purpose! Never forget that you do make a difference in the lives and things around you.

Three Twelve Market was created for a purpose…not just to provide amazing unique designs and finds, but to remind you daily to clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. These are the things that make a difference in this world! These are things that move us from just being ordinary or lost to being extraordinary!  These are the things we need to make new again! This is what creates SPARKLE!!

From our hearts to yours…

keep creating with love and laughter…

and never stop sparkling!

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